Beautiful Women Doing Beautiful Things started as an annual networking event bringing together women entrepreneurs, business owners, business professionals, their friends, colleagues, and supporters, from in and around the state of New York, under one roof. Hosted by Marvalous Events, and coincidentally occurring the day after National Women’s Equality Day (commemorating the day women were granted the right to vote), Beautiful Women Doing Beautiful Things presents a great opportunity to; market your business or yourself, sell your products, purchase products, and most importantly Network, as well as connect, in order to build business relationships or develop partnerships with other women around the area

The main purpose of Beautiful Women Doing Beautiful Things is for women to inspire each other to keep moving forward with their goals, dreams, and aspirations whether professionally or personally. Beautiful Women Doing Beautiful Things is a great reminder that women have come a long way, thanks to progressive female forces that paved the way for us, and to the modern woman who knows better than to let anything get in the way of realizing her ambitions! Our Events are FREE.



After four years of solely being an Events brand, produced and hosted by Marvalous Events in New York… we are happy to announce that we are officially upgrading this beautiful events concept into a fully operational and international brand, “BWDBT Worldwide – A Networking Company for Women, Created by Women!” The parent company’s main objective is to expand the BWDBT brand domestically as well as globally, primarily to manage events in multiple cities, and to serve as a resource to coordination teams. This rebranding effort was the brainchild of 5 collective women entrepreneurs from Marvalous Events, LDesign Company, Global Motivator Foundation, T.Marie Media, and Young Ambitious One, all working in unison through TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network.



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